Creating Sustainable Value

KKR’s Commitment to Responsible Investment

Since our founding in 1976, KKR has been dedicated to unlocking value in innovative ways. Today, enhancing value includes building a stronger bottom line by improving the environmental, social, and governance (ESG) aspects of a business and thus focusing on the internal policies and external impacts of a company. With added regulation, greater demands for transparency, more frequent stakeholder inquiries, and increasing demands on our natural resources, both businesses and society as a whole are facing unprecedented challenges on a global scale.

For KKR, responsible investment refers to KKR’s approach to integrating the consideration of material ESG risks and value creation opportunities into investment decisions. It is about understanding modern day challenges, identifying areas for operational improvement, and, in the end, creating sustainable value for our Firm and our fund investors. Responsible investment is at its core about a new way of looking at needs and opportunities, and ultimately, it is a way of doing business that we believe makes us smarter, better investors. The level of engagement on ESG issues by KKR with portfolio companies across different asset classes will depend on the level of control and influence KKR has. While currently KKR has adopted an ESG policy with respect to its private equity investments, we continue to find ways to extend our work beyond private equity.

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