Highlighting Environmental Initiatives

Our Approach

The Green Solutions Platform (GSP) is KKR's global effort to identify, support, and highlight environmental initiatives at KKR portfolio companies across three areas: eco-efficiency, eco-innovation, and/or eco-solutions. The platform is intended to provide KKR with flexibility to engage with and highlight companies that are driving meaningful business and environmental benefits.

Three part approach intended to support and highlight portfolio companies that are having meaningful environmental impacts through efficiency, innovation, or business solutions.

  • Focuses on efficiency gains resulting in avoided costs and environmental impacts
  • Leverages the Green Portfolio Program handbooks and internal and external experts
  • Examples include Pets at Home store energy efficiency
  • Focuses on innovative projects within companies that drive top line growth, plus environmental benefits
  • Examples include US Foods sustainable food line
  • Focuses on companies in portfolio where the core business, product, or service drives a positive environmental impact
  • Examples include X-ELIO

Resources for Participating Portfolio Companies

KKR has developed a series of proprietary tools and resources for portfolio companies engaged as part of this platform.

KKR and KKR Capstonei Experts:
Access to KKR and KKR Capstonei experts in corporate sustainability strategy and energy management, including a full-time energy experti dedicated to our portfolio and summer Climate Corps fellows from Environmental Defense Fund to assist companies across our private equity, real estate, and energy and infrastructure asset classes with energy efficiency and management
KKR Network:
Networking with fellow portfolio company executives and best practice sharing via in-person conferences and/or informal networking
GPP Handbooks and Checklists:
Guidance from 11 comprehensive handbooks with prioritized recommendations and action plan worksheets
Global and Regional Communications Platform:
Support with reaching portfolio companies’ key audiences with customized media access and stories
Regional Guides of Vendors and Consultants:
References to known vendors or experts on relevant issues globally
External Experts:
Insight from KKR’s partners, which include thought leaders in corporate environmental and sustainability programs

The Green Solutions Platform (GSP) evolved from our Green Portfolio Program (GPP), which launched in 2008 and reported results through 2014. Companies engaged in the GSP can learn from the experiences and results of our Green Portfolio Program participants. Click here for history of the GPP and a summary of results.

Frequently Asked Questions

Please view the Frequently Asked Questions guide for more information on the KKR Green Solutions Platform. You can also reach out to us via our contact form.

i KKR Capstone is not an affiliate or subsidiary of KKR. Please see the Description of Methodology and Terms for additional disclosure regarding KKR Capstone.