Delivering Financial and Environmental Impact

GSP Results Overview

The Green Solutions Platform (GSP)—launched in December 2015—follows nearly eight years of results and impact from KKR’s pioneering environmental initiative, the Green Portfolio Program (GPP). While the GPP was focused on eco-efficiency projects in five key performance areas, the GSP seeks to drive business and environmental value by working with and highlighting the work of participating companies across a wide variety of focus areas. The GSP includes companies focusing on eco-efficiency improvements, advancing eco-innovation, and/or offering a solution to environmental problems as core to their business mandate.

The initial GSP results announcement comprises 22 companies across four asset classes, which is the largest number of reporting portfolio companies in the history of KKR’s environmental program. In 2014, the majority of the participating companies reported on eco-efficiency with 19 efforts across a range of geographies and material issues. One company reported on eco-innovation and three companies reported with a focus on eco-solutions. One company is reporting in two areas: eco-efficiency and eco-innovation.

This results announcement is also significant for including our first special situations investment (Ursa), infrastructure investment (Coriance), and real estate investments (Broadway, Colonie, Yorktown) to report through the program.

In partnership with our participating companies, NGO partners, KKR Capstonei, and our investors, we expect this program to continue to evolve and grow over time.

GSP Participants’ Progress and Results

The following 22 portfolio companies reported results as part of the 2015 Green Solutions Platform announcement. The results are organized by Challenge, Response, Results, and Looking Forward. To learn more information about the portfolio companies’ progress and results, click any of the boxes below.

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Additional details are available on terminology and methodology. View the Frequently Asked Questions guide for more information on the KKR Green Solutions Platform. Please use our contact form to provide feedback on our efforts.

i KKR Capstone is not an affiliate or subsidiary of KKR. Please see the Description of Methodology and Terms for additional disclosure regarding KKR Capstone.